A Packed Sports Program Awaiting the Olympics

A Packed Sports Program Awaiting the Olympics

Paris is also a gathering place for high-level sports. In this Olympic year, the schedule is full starting from late winter with two global events: the Paris Half Marathon and the Saut Hermès. The team at Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle tells you more...


March 3rd: Save the Date for the Half Marathon

More accessible to the general public than the marathon and its exhausting 42 km, the 21.1 km of the half marathon makes it a challenging yet inclusive event. The Paris Half Marathon offers an exceptional route in a dreamlike setting and a warm, festive atmosphere where everyone, from elite athletes to novice enthusiasts, finds pleasure. The event is also surrounded by numerous activities to participate in, even if you're not competing.


From March 15th to 17th: Saut Hermès

Celebrated as one of the most challenging competitions on the circuit, Saut Hermès is a must for showjumping specialists. The best riders gather for competitions that are as engaging as they are intense, and young talents get their first chance to shine. For spectators, the magic doesn't end with the competitions, as equestrian shows and demonstrations are also featured. For the occasion, Saut Hermès also ventures outside the Grand Palais Éphémère to the lawns of the Champs de Mars, providing the opportunity to admire riders in training and get acquainted with the world of equestrianism.


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Saut Hermès

Photo: Vladimir Polikarpov


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