An essential event; the Tutankhamun exhibition in Paris

An essential event; the Tutankhamun exhibition in Paris

The gorgeous treasures found in the 1920s in the tomb of the forgotten pharaoh Tutankhamun have not been exhibited in Paris since 1967. Don’t miss this summer’s golden opportunity to see them. You have until September 15th. Following their current, and final, world tour these priceless pieces will be going into a brand-new museum in Egypt, never to leave.


Tutankhamun; The Treasures of the Pharaoh

This is the title of an extraordinary exhibition that is exceptional firstly because of its size. It fills the Grande Halle de la Villette with more than 150 artefacts from the tomb of the boy pharaoh, including 50 that have never been seen outside Egypt. The exhibition is also unique due to its immersive staging, which evokes not only the circumstances of the discovery of these treasures but also all the spiritual and material life of ancient Egypt. The play of light and sound will plunge you into the fascinating world of a remote past still shrouded in mystery.


Visiting the exhibition

Vases, figurines, statues, the death bed and sarcophagus; the pieces are at once astonishing and poignant. Small wonder, then, that even before the exhibition’s inauguration, a record attendance was announced based on advance bookings. And since the opening it’s been confirmed! That's why it's best to book your entry pass on the exhibition website as soon as possible. Then you can easily sort out your accommodation by choosing one of the six boutique hotels of Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle, located in several of the most elegant and fashionable areas of the capital. Each hotel has its own personality!

The Tutankhamun exhibition is undoubtedly the cultural event of 2019. So, arrange your Parisian break today by reserving a room in one of the fine establishments of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle.


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