Art in all its Forms - an Exceptional Exhibition

Art in all its Forms - an Exceptional Exhibition

Since 2012, the Art Paris Art Fair has become an important showcase for contemporary art and a place where new trends are revealed. Building on its reputation for innovation and commitment, internationalism and big ideas, Art Paris Art Fair is also a space for encounters and exchanges, exploration and openness. A not to be missed event.


The Many Faces of Contemporary Art



Over 130 art galleries from nearly thirty countries and some 2,200 artists will gather in the halls of the Grand Palais. Art Paris Art Fair fully justifies the reputation of Paris as a stage for artistic innovation. The show offers artists the space to express themselves; the Solo Show is distributed throughout the exhibition space. It’s a place of initiation and discovery,  where ‘decrypting’ workshops are intended to aid those new to contemporary art. These courses are addressed to passers-by as much as professionals and they aim to break down traditional barriers and banish clichés.


This Year’s Special Guest: Africa


This year the Art Paris Art Fair celebrates an entire continent, focusing on the abundant creativity of continental Africa and its diaspora. Exhibition curator Marie-Ann Yemsi guides us through an exploration of worlds that are still relatively unknown and often neglected. A truly enlightening journey through the individual and collective experiences that are the heart of original and diverse creations. Visit the capital between 30th March and 2nd April to take part in this highlight of the Parisian artistic year at the Grand Palais just a few steps from the Champs-Élysées. It’s also a chance for you to sample the charm of spring in Paris with a romantic stroll on the Ile de la Cite or the Tuileries Gardens.


Each year, Paris fully justifies its status as a Capital of the Arts during the Art Paris Art Fair, an essential event for all lovers of contemporary art during your stay in one of Compagnie Hoteliere de Bagatelle's hotels