Bastille Day in Paris

Bastille Day in Paris

The National Day in Paris is an unmissable occasion. From large popular gatherings to more exclusive evenings, there are so many ways to celebrate July 14th. The various hotels of the Compagnie de Bagatelle, all located in iconic and vibrant districts, are excellent starting points from which to enjoy the jubilation...


The essentials of a Parisian Bastille Day

A perfect Bastille Day in Paris should include these three stages. You start your day with a short tour of the Champs-Élysées, just a few steps from the Roch Hotel & Spa. This is where the famous military parade takes place every July 14th. Legionnaires, Republican Guards, and the Patrouille de France aerobatic display team always put on a great show. Then, at dusk, you head to the foot of the Eiffel Tower for a symphony concert by the Orchestre National de France. This superb musical performance ends with a dazzling firework display that lights up the Iron Lady and the entire Champs-de-Mars in stunning multicolored pyrotechnics. It’s an event eagerly awaited by children and adults alike.


To each their own Bastille Day

July 14th ends with an evening of dancing and partying. Depending on your preferences, you could head to the nearest fire station for the unmissable Firefighters’ Ball, such as the one on the Rue Blanche, a ten-minute walk from the Chess Hotel. Or, if you prefer a garden party vibe, immerse yourself in the excitement offered at the Paris Longchamp racecourse. Finally, many cafes, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs create their private events. Ask your Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle hotel team to learn about the program for the district where you’re staying!


Come and experience the energy and festive spirit of Bastille Day in Paris. Whichever Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle hotel you choose to stay in, you will be ideally located to take advantage of the various events.




July 14th program

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