Be seduced by the magic and mystery of Paris in one of its most exquisite museums

Be seduced by the magic and mystery of Paris in one of its most exquisite museums

Dedicated to fashion and its history

Paris is so linked to fashion that it is considered and art in the city. The capital is full of places that are dedicated to that art. One of these, the Palais Galliera fashion museum, is a must for history enthusiasts and fashion fans.

An exceptional place

The Musée Galliera was built in the nineteenth century. It was born of the generosity of the Duchess Galliera who had always wanted to establish a fashion museum in the city. Today, the elegant building preserves unique and exceptional items that are related to fashion, and it also organises two exhibitions each year. They are a chance for you to admire the clothing worn by famous people, like a flexible corset that belonged to Marie Antoinette or a sober suit that Audrey Hepburn once wore. There are also lots of anonymous but equally evocative pieces including professional outfits, uniforms and suits worn by the ordinary Parisian citizens of yesteryear. Each exhibition celebrates the richness and diversity of the Museum’s incredible collections.

Understand history through clothing

From 14th May to 23rd October, the Fashion Museum presents "Anatomy of a Collection." This exhibition highlights the importance of clothing in social settings, from the humblest to the most luxurious. It’s an exciting way to delve deep into issues more complex than ‘how does it look?’, and it’s also an opportunity to admire wonderful and unique pieces from the wardrobes of iconic figures like Mistinguett, Gala Dali, Sarah Bernhard, George Sand, Elsa Schiaparelli and the Duchess of Windsor. Equally moving are the Zouave uniforms and the outfit worn by a nurse during the First World War.

Beautiful location plus extensive collections, the exceptional Palais Galliera and Fashion Museum is certainly worth a visit when you stay in one of the Parisian hotels of Hotel Company Bagatelle!