Celebrate King's day in Paris

Celebrate King's day in Paris

Just after the gourmet delights of Christmas and New Year's Eve, along comes another delicious creation to help reconcile us with the fact that it's January: the galette des rois. A Parisian institution and a chance for the city's best pastry chefs to showcase their art in the most innovative ways. Make Epiphany 2018 in Paris truly unforgettable.

Set the mood!

There are a thousand and one ways to enjoy galette des rois in Paris. You may prefer having it at the end of a gourmet meal in a renowned restaurant.  The chefs at L’éclair de Génie and Pierre Hermé also compete to create the most innovative and delicious cakes each year. Or choose one of the big Parisian houses like Fauchon for their skill and know-how; this year's cake combines the sweet richness of almond with the delicate, slightly acidic notes of kumquat.

Originality and innovation

Nothing like tradition to inspire and innovate! Why not take advantage of Epiphany 2018 to try new taste experiences like the Millefeuille des Rois at Marcolini, where layers of almond cream and puff pastry conceal ceramic chocolate bars. Or you might fall for Zôr, the luxurious golden dog bone cake created  by the Roch Hotel & Spa chef. Inspired by the legend of Saint Roch who was inseparable from his dog, our chef has come up with a sweet gingerbread enveloped in exquisite golden film. Do book in this Hotel of the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle quickly – it's a limited edition!

Let the king’s cake become one of your favourite 2018 gastronomic experiences! From surprising flavours to new discoveries, the greatest Parisian chefs will amaze you with their inventiveness and creativity.