D-Vine - enjoy great wines in our hotels

D-Vine - enjoy great wines in our hotels

Thanks to D-Vine, you can now enjoy a glass of fine vintage wine, perfectly aerated and served at just the right temperature during your stay with us. D-Vine is a "by the glass" wine tasting device, invented in France and the first service of its kind. Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle invites you to discover the D-Vine wine tasting service in each of its 4-star hotels – enjoy a unique experience and a moment of relaxation and sharing in one of our honesty bars.


An intelligent and ultra-connected service

Wine lovers are often faced with a dilemma when it comes to consuming wine at the right temperature. All too often, red wine is too warm or white wine is too cool – or vice versa. D-Vine was born from the collaboration of three engineer friends who are united by their passion for wine. Each wine is "sommelier connected" and each vintage is served at the correct temperature in less than a minute.

Simply insert a 10 cl bottle of wine (the equivalent of one glass) chosen from a selection of 10 exceptional wines into the slot provided.  D-Vine detects whatever wine you choose thanks to an electronic sensor on the bottle. It then activates an aeration system suitable for that vintage before the wine is poured into the glass.


Discover the French wine terroirs

Red, rosé, white – you'll find a custom-made D-Vine wine list in each of our 4-star hotels. Representative of the French wine terroirs, our menus evolve according to the seasons and the vintages. Enjoy a pleasurable and intense moment of fine wine tasting in the "home from home" comfort of our honesty bars.