Discover the best bakeries in Paris

Discover the best bakeries in Paris

When it comes to France and Paris, there are literally hundreds of clichés and the image of the sailor brandishing his baguette is one of the most famous. That’s because we have so many bakeries, all offering their own delicious traditional and original recipes as they compete to surpass each other – at all hours of the day.  Our bread is a true cultural icon that is known all over the world and enjoyed by millions. So, do take advantage of your stay in the Bagatelle Hotel Company’s hotels to find the best bakeries in town.  Gourmands can give in to temptation at De Aux Petits Versailles du Marais à Aki Japanese Bakery, Paris Baguette or Le Blé Sucré.

Au Levain d’Antan (18th district)

This bakery received the 2011 the prize for best baguette in Paris and its baguette will take your taste buds on a journey to the heart of French tradition. The artisanal manufacturing techniques employed by the bakers at Au Levain d’Antan ensure a bread with a light, crispy texture that is the perfect accompaniment for your breakfast coffee or your favourite dishes throughout the day.

La Gambette à Pain (20th district)

This bakery ‘s welcoming façade and friendly atmosphere offer a more personal experience. Indeed, it was voted the Gault & Millau best bakery in Paris in 2010 and this little Parisian treasure is valued for its excellent bread and delicious pastries. Lovingly prepared by baker John Paul Mathon, you can enjoy them whenever you like; sitting on a bench on one of the capital’s streets or in your own kitchen. The bakery is proud of its authenticity and you’ll be delighted to learn that it only uses organically produced flour.

Dominique Saibron (14th district)

This bakery offers a warm and friendly welcome and its enticing smells illustrate its expertise and its passion for bread.  You’ll discover a wide range of food including 13 different types of bread such as the Alésiane stick or skewer and corn bread. Whether you are a gourmet or a snacker, you can’t fail to succumb to these wonderful tastes and textures.