Hotel Vice Versa, 7 sins for 7 times the fun

Hotel Vice Versa, 7 sins for 7 times the fun

For a successful stay in the heart of the French capital, you need to attach particular importance to the selection of your hotel. To be pleasantly surprised and assured of unforgettable memories of your Parisian break, the CHB hotels are safe bets.  Among them, the Hotel Vice Versa is an inspired choice for fun lovers.

Vice Versa: Choose your sin

Among the various CHB hotels, the Vice Versa is like no other and offers a dream haven for your stay in the capital. This stylish themed boutique hotel is based on the seven deadly sins. Upon entering the establishment, you will immediately be seduced by its unique ambiance and creative interior décor signed by designer Chantal Thomass. Each guest room has its own theme and unique atmosphere providing you with the perfect way to enjoy a change of scenery!

Spice up your stay in the City of Light

For a trip to Paris that is commensurate with your expectations, the Vice Versa welcomes you to a universe where sin becomes an inexhaustible source of satisfaction and abandonment. Sloth, envy, gluttony, pride, lust, anger and greed: these are the sins that inspired the Hotel Vice Versa. The hotel is divinely decorated throughout and Chantal Thomass has created a glamorous and sexy universe that invites you to take a vertiginous dive into the pleasures of sin in all its forms. Each floor scrupulously respects its sin theme – right down to the smallest details (colours of the walls, draperies or furniture). The Vice Versa is conveniently located near the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versaille and offers easy access to all the main parts of the city. Discover the Vice Versa and enjoy a colourful and unconventional stay.