Khaïma welcomes you on the terrace of the Roch Hotel & Spa

Khaïma welcomes you on the terrace of the Roch Hotel & Spa

The Roch Hotel & Spa, one of the jewels of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle range of establishments, has some exceptional spaces, including its sublime terrace. Away from the bustle of the street, the Roch Hotel & Spa has turned it into a deliciously exotic retreat for the winter; Khaïma...


Step into Khaïma; our Berber tent

Last winter, the muse and interior designer of the Roch Hotel & Spa, Sarah Lavoine-Poniatowski, lured us to the borders of the Russian steppes with Chatka. This space of blond birch with its inviting banquettes invited you to enjoy a meal, an aperitif or a business meeting while savouring traditional Russian dishes as interpreted by our chef Rémy Bérerd. This year, Sarah chose to take us to the desert. Khaïma, with its warm colours and deep cushions, offers the opportunity to escape the Parisian chill and urban frenzy. Part the curtains and step into another world!




A delight for all the senses

To add to the enchantment of the moment, the Roch Hotel & Spa and its chef Rémy Bérerd have entered into a collaboration with the ethnologist and specialist in the gastronomic history of Morocco, Fatéma Hal. From this perfect pairing was born two menus, one for lunch and the other for tasting, inspired by the traditional Moroccan flavours of the North African kingdom. Expertly presented, subtly scented, this original cuisine complements the warmly inviting ambiance of Khaïma, bringing you timeless moments at the legendary meeting place of the Saharan caravans.

Each of the six establishments of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle offers a unique hospitality and travel experience. This year, the Roch Hotel & Spa will surprise you again with a pop-up installation on its terrace in the heart of Paris; Khaïma. Remember to book as soon as possible!



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