Museums in Paris off the beaten track

Museums in Paris off the beaten track

Thoughts of a cultural visit to Paris immediately conjure images of the splendours of the Louvre and the Orsay Museum, or even the more recent collections of the Georges Pompidou Centre and the Louis Vuitton Foundation. But there are also museums in the heart of Paris that are off the beaten track, unusual, intimate, and even gourmet-oriented, and well worth a visit.

Artist’s studios that have become museums

Paris has inspired many creative people to set up their writing desks or easels in the city. Some of these artist’s studios and writer’s houses have been preserved and fitted out not only to exhibit the works but also to present the living environment of these exceptional figures. Thus, Gustave Moreau's museum-atelier plunges us into the intimate world of the painter and displays the diversity of his works in the way he wished. In the 6th arrondissement we find the charming house of Eugène Delacroix. It was in this atelier opening onto a small garden that the artist completed his mural paintings for the Church of Saint-Sulpice, not long before he died in 1863. 

Gourmet museums

A city of love, culture and fashion, Paris is also known for its gastronomy. Check out the Musée du Vin (Wine Museum), a place dedicated to wine, its history, craft and culture. More than 2,000 artifacts are displayed there and numerous activities, including tastings, are offered. Another attraction for gourmets is Choco-Story, a fascinating museum dedicated to cocoa and chocolate. Here, you’ll find a wealth of authentic and original objects related to chocolate, its history and production. Happily, it also offers tastings and workshops for all ages.

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