November in Paris: so much to do!

November in Paris: so much to do!

The capital has a wealth of ways to distract, surprise, and amaze you. By staying in one of the six boutique hotels of the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle, you can enjoy a fascinating and fun experience in Paris. Here are some ideas…


The timeless allure of cabarets

What would Paris be without its cabarets? These legendary venues, some of which were established more than a century ago, symbolise the celebratory and deliciously alluring side of the City of Light. Why not succumb to the charms of a Crazy Horse show in which perfectly poised, elegant girls lead you into a dreamlike and sensual universe? Would you rather go back to the roots of cabaret? Head for the Moulin Rouge, a fifteen-minute walk from the Hotel Les Plumes. But you may be spoiled for choice, because there’s also Le Paradis Latin, Le Bel Canto or Chez Michou…


Immersive experiences

You can enter other worlds thanks to the immersive experiences offered in November in Paris. A few steps from the Vice Versa Hotel, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, you’ll find yourself in the New York apartment of the famous Friends, with the Friends Experience: The One in Paris. Cult objects, reconstructed scenes, selfie zones, the universe of the much-loved TV series awaits you in the heart of Paris. Or travel back in time and discover the Bon Marché at the time of Zola's Bonheur des Dames. In the famous department store after hours, you yourself become an actor in this unique participatory theatrical experience.


As the end of year celebrations loom, treat yourself to a fabulous stay in one of the six boutique hotels of the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle in the heart of Paris. An evening in one of the legendary cabarets, theatrical and immersive experiences… There’s everything you need for an original, fun, and fascinating break...


Photo : laurencesoulez

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