Open Gardens: a new way of seeing Paris and the Ile-de-France

Open Gardens: a new way of seeing Paris and the Ile-de-France

From July 3rd to August 29th, the fifth edition of the Jardins Ouverts (Open Gardens) is here. This celebration of summer and nature invites you to discover the city’s lesser-known green spaces or rediscover its famous gardens via an agenda of cultural events. Here are some of the highlights that we recommend, all taking place within easy reach of the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle hotels.


Open Gardens: nature and culture

As its name suggests, Open Gardens allows you to enter places that are often closed to the public. By exploring beyond the large Parisian public parks, you’ll discover astonishing spaces, shared gardens, educational farms, rooftop vegetable plots, private gardens, and more. From artistic performances to guided tours, from concerts to exhibitions, and from tasting sessions to workshops, you can sample the charm and beauty of these living and creative spaces. Some are only a short stroll from the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle hotels, and our teams will tell you how to get to those that are further away.


Just a few steps from your hotel ...

It’s tough to choose the Open Gardens events to recommend to you as they are so diverse and all of high quality. Thus, we have opted for those taking place near our hotels. Why not start, for example, with a visit to the Jardins de Renoir at the Montmartre Museum combined with a wine tasting at the Vignes du Clos? Check out the experiments of the Recyclerie, which invite you to think about new urban lifestyles. Listen with your children to storytelling sessions at the Jardins d’Enza, or discover the largest urban rooftop farm in Europe, situated close to the Vice Versa Hotel ...

Performances, exhibitions, readings, guided tours, art meets nature and ideas burst into bloom. Open Gardens is an event you can enjoy at your own pace. Our teams will be happy to help you arrange your itinerary!



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