Paris at Night: Unusual Itineraries to Explore the City After Sunset

Paris at Night: Unusual Itineraries to Explore the City After Sunset

Paris, the City of Light, offers an entirely different ambiance once night falls. The monuments light up, the streets are imbued with mystery and charm, and a multitude of nighttime activities await you. Discover two unusual itineraries to enjoy the magic of Paris at night. Don’t forget to book your stay in advance at one of our Parisian hotels to take advantage of our summer offer with a 20% discount for stays between July 1st and September 8th inclusive.

Nocturnal Stroll in the Marais

The Marais district is a true treasure to discover at night. Start your evening with a walk through the cobbled streets, illuminated by old lanterns. The historic architecture and the facades of the mansions provide a romantic and peaceful setting. Stop by one of the many wine bars to enjoy a glass on the terrace, and let yourself be enchanted by the friendly atmosphere of the neighborhood.
Continue your exploration by visiting the museums. Many museums in Paris are open late at night on a rotating basis. Thus, if you wish, you can go to a museum every night of the week! During these late-night openings, museums are usually open until around 10 p.m.

Seine River Cruise and Stroll in Montmartre

For a unique nighttime experience, embark on a Seine River cruise. Many boats offer dinner cruises, providing an unbeatable view of Paris’s illuminated monuments: the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and many others. The city transforms into a sparkling tableau, and the cruise is an ideal way to see Paris from a different perspective.After the cruise, head to Montmartre. This bohemian neighborhood is just as enchanting at night. Climb up to the Sacré-Cœur for a panoramic view of the city under the stars. Street artists and small cafés remain active until late at night, offering a unique and creative atmosphere.

Exploring Paris at night is an adventure not to be missed. Whether you choose to stroll through the Marais or sail on the Seine, each experience reveals a new facet of the city. For a memorable stay, book in advance at one of our Parisian hotels and enjoy our summer offer with a 20% discount. Secure your place under the stars of Paris and let yourself be seduced by the nocturnal magic of the capital.


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