Participating in the Hôtels Solidaires; an obvious step

Participating in the Hôtels Solidaires; an obvious step

With just six hotels, the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle is an important but still a human-scale player in the Parisian hotel industry. From our warm hospitality to the decoration of each of our establishments, we have chosen to put people at the heart of all our activities. That's why being part of the Hôtels Solidaires fits perfectly into our ethos.



Hôtels Solidaires; a commitment to everyday life

We have made benevolence one of the keywords of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle. It is expressed equally clearly in our relationships with our employees, in our concept of hospitality, but also in our social responsibilities. With this in mind, our hotels Les Plumes, Les Théâtres and The Chess, located on the capital’s Right Bank, participate in the Hôtels Solidaires program. In partnership with France Bénévolat and the Salvation Army, the association collects unused food items and hygiene products from our establishments each week. These are then redistributed to people in need.



Taking it even further

We chose to partner with the Hôtels Solidaires because we appreciate the good work that this organisation does. The organisation’s programme involves anti-waste food initiatives – regarded as essential social and ecological measures these days - but also a sustained effort to support socio-professional reintegration. These are the kinds of humanistic and ecological values ​​that we are happy to share daily with the guests of each of our hotels.

During your stay, you can take part in this action in partnership with France Bénévolat and the Salvation Army. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you want more information on how you can join in! Every helping hand counts and gains the programme further valuable attention.



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