Spring brings exhibitions to Paris

Spring brings exhibitions to Paris

Each spring sees a vast range of fairs and exhibitions bloom in Paris, each with its own unique flavour. Check out these unusual environments that dot the horizon this season. The Hotels of CHB group invite you to embark on a journey to the heart of some of the most unmissable spring events in Paris. 


Take a trip to the countryside

Cerise is resplendent in her coat of 50 shades of grey, and she’s waiting to meet you at the agricultural event of the year. This elegant Bazadaise cow is the mascot of this year’s show and she will pass through the doors of Paris expo Porte de Versailles with many other wonderful animals from our French farms for the International Agricultural Show from 27th February to 6th March. With her friendly smile and gorgeous velvety coat, it’s no surprise that Cerise was chosen to be the face of this exciting exhibition. You’ll discover a surprise round every corner in a show that exudes happiness with the smell of hay and the fragrance of fine local produce.


An invitation to travel

After enjoying the country air, it’s time to seek distant horizons at the world tourism fair from 17th to 20th March – a must for those looking for a weekend break or holiday. The 2016 edition of Salon Mondial du Tourisme at Porte de Versailles immerses you in the heart of the latest travel trends and offers, at least for a few hours, a trip to original and exotic destinations. Are your bags packed? The fair is waiting for you! 


Dip into a good book

Before leaving for your holiday, be sure to pack a few good reads.  The latest trends for holiday bestsellers is just one of the many features you’ll discover as you wander round the Paris Book Fair, a foray that will take you from the real to the imaginary. Immerse yourself in a culture bath as you explore the various themes: Polar, BD, Gastronomy or Manga, plus, Korean literature is in the spotlight at this year’s show. Enjoy days filled with meetings, signings, readings and events that will truly satisfy your passion for literature.


A modern and contemporary atmosphere

Continue your discovery of the spring salons with a visit to the Art Paris Art Fair, which brings everything art-related, from the post-war period to the present, together at the magnificent Grand Palais from March 31st to April 3rd. The exhibition invites you to discover some of the most exceptional galleries and to explore themed areas like Solo Show where personal exhibitions from artists working in every genre promise an exclusive look at emerging talent. An event to make a note of in your planner.

An ideal location

If you choose to stay at Platine Hotel or the Hotel Vice Versa, you will be ideally situated to reach Paris Expo Porte de Versailles where the agricultural, tourism and book fairs will be held. If you're in a more artistic mood, a stay at the Chess Hotel Paris, the Hotel Les Théâtres or Hotel Les Plumes is recommended for quick and convenient access to the Grand Palais.



Photo Credit : Art Paris Art Fair © Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc