Summer in Paris - on foot

Summer in Paris - on foot

Paris - a city of cars and suffocating traffic? Forget those obsolete clichés and rediscover Paris through its pedestrian streets. Cobblestones, greenery, old-fashioned windows and workshops all add to the charm of a city that’s full of surprises. 


A little-known side of Paris 

Far from the perfectly aligned Haussmann façades, the wide avenues and the bustle of the monuments and department stores, there is a side of Paris that’s scarcely known, even by locals. Its passages, covered or open, streets where traffic is prohibited and cobbled alleys reveal districts with the dimensions of villages and a quality of life that is jealously preserved. To discover these unique areas, you can start with Passage Molière, in the 3rd arrondissement, a place that retains its city spirit yet immerses you in the timeless atmosphere that is typical of the city’s pedestrian streets.


And, the exotic

Head for the Passage L’homme in the 11th arrondissement for beautifully preserved workshop facades that evoke a Paris of artisans and small traders.  Vegetation and plants grow profusely, creating a haven of peace and calm. Rue des Thermopyles in the Plaisance quarter in the 14th is also a haven of nature with its beautiful wisteria that blossoms at the start of spring. Finally, for a total change of scenery, end your day in the Square des Peupliers in the 13th district amid small townhouses with verdant gardens or in the amazing Rue Crémieux in the 12th, where two-storey houses are reminiscent of Italy rather than the usual white limestone of Paris.

Find an astonishing and unknown side of Paris by exploring its paved alleys on foot. Surprises await you in every part of the city!