The best places in Paris to get great ice cream

The best places in Paris to get great ice cream

In Paris, summer is a joy due to the sunshine it brings, of course, but also because it’s when our thoughts turn to cooling off with an ice cream, a treat to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Parisian glaciers are renowned for their imagination and creativity when it comes to remarkable flavours, so here is our guide to the best ice creams in Paris.


Bac à Glaces, a realm of icy delights

Old-fashioned ice creams, fine sorbets with pulp and fruit pieces, or unusual ices bursting with incomparable flavours such as gingerbread, honey or liquorice, as well as some with a hint of alcohol and some for ice cream lovers with certain dietary requirements. The sixty flavours offered by Sylvain Yoel from Bac a Glaces are quality throughout. These artisanal ices are guaranteed to have no artificial additives, being made exclusively from natural ingredients including fruit pieces.

(109, Rue du Bac – 7th)


Monsieur Benjamin, the ice cream genius

A true pâtisserie aesthete, Monsieur Benjamin has turned his shop onto an exhibition gallery of gourmet creations, each seemingly more tempting than the last. But you really need to try this glacier’s plancha ice cream? Prepared on a frozen plate and rolled before your eyes, this ice cream is a visual as well as a taste treat!

(63, Rue Saint-Martin – 4th)


Grom, the Italian gelateria

With its original flavours and its regularly refreshed menu, Grom is constantly stirring the taste buds of ice cream lovers. Can you resist the ‘cheesecake ai lamponi’ (with candied raspberries, ricotta, cornmeal biscuits and chocolate chips) or ‘caramello al sale’, a caramel ice cream with pink Himalayan salt? Everything is, of course, embellished with a generous helping of panna montata (Chantilly cream) to completely break down your resistance!

(16, Rue Vieille-du-Temple - 4th)


Hugo & Victor, the refined delights

An exquisite not too sweet taste, seasonal products, natural, without dye, or flavor enhancer... A real treat for young and old greedy! In this summer period, Hugo & Victor offers you delicious sorbets and artisan creams, whose undisputed star is the salted butter caramel ice cream, elected the best of Paris by the Figaroscope. To discover tasty creations of Hugo & Victor in a chic and cozy atmosphere, go to the Roch Hotel & Spa which offers you ice cream cups signed by the pastry chef!

(40, boulevard Raspail – 7th ou 28, rue Saint-Roch – 1st)


The Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle hotels can suggest other ice cream parlours to try during your stay, including Glazed (9th), the Maison Fabien Foenix (17th), La Tropicale (13th) and many more ...