The CHB Hotels celebrate love on Valentine's Day

The CHB Hotels celebrate love on Valentine's Day

February is definitely the month of Love! And nowhere more so than in Paris, the world capital of romance, where hearts beat faster, loving glances are exchanged and fingers intertwine. So, to mark this extra-special occasion of Valentine's Day, the CHB hotels group has thought up some exclusive offers designed to take you to the heights of amorous ecstasy and romantic bliss.


Make your choice

The Plumes Hotel is a natural choice for your Valentine’s getaway, entirely devoted as it is to the theme of the most beautiful love stories of the 19th century. You can write your own history of love during your stay in the most romantic of hotels. Upon your arrival in your room you’ll find a rose petal heart delicately arranged on your bed. Then, enjoy by two 1/2 bottles of Laurent-Perrier Champagne and discover our Lovebox, an intimate gift for two!

Be the stars of your own love story by staying at the Hotel Les Théâtres. What could be better than time spent in the most romantic city in the world on Valentine's Day? A heart of rose petals and a bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne await you in your room. Work up an appetite, because breakfast is included!

At the Platine Hotel you have a choice: Apollo or Aphrodite? Do you choose a Lovebox or roses? A round bed or a bathtub balneotherapy? Whatever your decision, you’ll feel more in love than ever with a glass of champagne Laurent-Perrier in hand!

Love is not a sin, but Lust and Greed certainly are! Stay in one of the bedrooms dedicated to these particular sins with the ‘Fall in Love’ package offered by the Hotel Vice Versa. Your love will be toasted with Laurent-Perrier champagne and scattered with rose petals for a truly unforgettable Valentine's Day!

Finally, the Chess Hotel Paris offers a ‘Romance’ package that will have you saying ‘I love you’ over and over again! Be greedy for love and more: enjoy a half bottle of Laurent-Perrier champagne and a fabulous Popelini cream puffs. You won’t want to leave your room!


Happy Valentine's Day

As you can see, the CHB hotels offer all the beautiful Valentine's Day pleasures and emotions you could desire as a couple! If you want to enjoy one of these special offer packages, book directly on to ensure availability