The Chess Hotel Paris gets a makeover

The Chess Hotel Paris gets a makeover

The Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle, with its six establishments scattered throughout the most exciting districts of Paris, is constantly reinventing itself and finding new ways to better live up to its motto: kindness, creativity, high standards. It’s in this spirit that the Chess Hotel is ready to show you its new decor...


New decor, same spirit

Did you like the beautiful spaces and the spirit of the Chess Hotel in the Opera district? Did you appreciate its unique blend of design and usability? We wanted to maintain this unique personality while bringing in a breath of fresh air. To do so, we placed our trust in a talented interior designer called Pauline d'Hoop. She has exceeded all our expectations with an intimate and mysterious mix of rounded shapes and the use of gold, silver and bronze hues, plant and floral motifs and elegant furniture made of fine materials.


Chess Hotel


Take advantage of the new decor of the Chess Hotel!

This transformation took place in communal areas such as corridors, lounges and the lobby, but also in the rooms and suites, which have been completely redesigned. Wood, rattan, linen and rounded shapes bring warmth and softness. Velvet covered seating and light fittings with a Scandinavian spirit create a sense of modernity, elegance and ease. The all-pervading feel of the Chess Hotel, born from this new decor, is more than ever an invitation to enjoy complete relaxation in a resolutely design-oriented and sophisticated atmosphere.

To meet our requirements and yours, the Chess Hotel needed to find inspiration. Happily, Pauline d'Hoop has created exceptional spaces in which we can bring you a completely revitalised hotel experience. Come and discover for yourself by booking your room on the official website of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle!



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