The Galeries Lafayette comes to the Centre Beaugrenelle

The Galeries Lafayette comes to the Centre Beaugrenelle

Many areas of Paris are renowned for the shopping experience they offer. The 15th arrondissement is gradually establishing itself among these retail leaders as it’s home to one of the newest and most pleasant Parisian shopping centres; the Beaugrenelle, where the Galeries Lafayette department store has just set up a branch.


The Galeries Lafayette at the Beaugrenelle

While staying at the Platine Hotel, one of the six concept-hotels of the Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle, you will only be a few minutes' walk from the Beaugrenelle. This immense shopping centre, an architectural gem, invites you to enjoy a unique shopping experience that has been further enhanced by the addition of the Galeries Lafayette. Located in the Panoramic building, the famous brand boasts four levels bathed in natural light from its atrium and large windows, as well as a view of the Seine. You’ll find all the major luxury and fashion brands for which the department store is famous amidst a peaceful, relaxed and refined ambiance.


Discover the Beaugrenelle

However, don’t limit your Beaugrenelle visit solely to the Galeries Lafayette as this state-of-the-art shopping mall has plenty to offer. Situated close to the Eiffel Tower, it boasts 50,000 m² of retail space dedicated to fashion, leisure and decor, mixing luxury and more accessible brands. Cinemas and restaurants invite you to relax after a shopping spree. The Beaugrenelle is also a beautiful place; an avant-garde building where curves, light and materials create an elegant and serene atmosphere. To add to this visual appeal, numerous works of art decorate the spaces, including the Grand Mobile by Xavier Veilhan.

The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle has carefully chosen the location of its boutique hotels so you can make the most of a break in Paris. In the 15th arrondissement, a few minutes from the Beaugrenelle shopping centre, is the most glamorous of our establishments; the Platine Hotel. Book your room today!



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