The secret covered walkways of Paris

The secret covered walkways of Paris

Wide avenues lined with Haussmann buildings, immortal monuments, bustling streets - Paris has many faces. However, we know of some less known places that you’ll love exploring – the Paris passages.

Dive into nineteenth century Paris

Metal structures with elegant roof windows that soar over two facing rows of beautiful buildings; many of the shops and tea rooms open on to the street. Shop in an atmosphere that has changed very little over the past 150 years in the Parisian passages. The passages are architectural masterpieces; visit them and admire symbols of a unique lifestyle that was inspired by the orient. These wonderful galleries are an original and interesting way to discover and understand another side of Paris. And, our teams at CHB hotels will be delighted to share information on these relatively secret places during your stay in one of our hotels.

The most original passages

Why not start with the longest? In the elegant second arrondissement, Passage Choiseul with its elegant boutiques is one of the most beautiful. Passage du Grand Serf, also in the second arrondissement, is home to artisans and designers. Just a few steps away, on Boulevard Montmartre, the Passage des Panoramas is a listed historical monument and you can take the opportunity to stop for lunch in one of its many intimate restaurants. Let yourself be captivated by the fabulous black and white tile floor in the Vero-Dorat gallery or its exclusive boutiques. Its elegant dark wood façade faces the Galerie Vivienne in the second arrondissement – you’ll adore the intricate mosaic floors and opulent décor.