This seasons’s highlights in Paris with the Bagatelle Hotel Company

This seasons’s highlights in Paris with the Bagatelle Hotel Company

Paris, a city of art, culture, and refinement, comes alive this season with a series of captivating events. The Bagatelle Hotel Company offers you an ideal proximity to enjoy these unique moments. Explore the world of contemporary art at "ART PARIS 2024," immerse yourself in literature at the Book Fair, and discover the fashion legacy of Yves Saint Laurent through an exceptional exhibition.


ART PARIS 2024 - April 4-7 at the Grand Palais Éphémère

Let yourself be enchanted by the creative genius of contemporary artists from around the world at ART PARIS 2024. This prestigious event, taking place at the Grand Palais Éphémère, offers an immersion into the world of modern art. With a diverse selection of works, this exhibition promises a visually rich experience full of diversity and innovation.


Book Fair

Literature enthusiasts will find their joy at the Book Fair, an annual celebration of words and stories. Immerse yourself in the latest literary creations, meet renowned authors, and explore the infinite world of books. Our hotels provide a peaceful retreat after an enriching day at the heart of the Parisian literary scene.


Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Discover the power of materials and the lasting impact of the legendary creator Yves Saint Laurent at the exhibition "Transparences, le pouvoir des matières." Presented at the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, this exhibition offers an intimate look at textile innovation and timeless elegance that has shaped the history of fashion.


Benefit from the prime location of the hotels of the Bagatelle Hotel Company to fully enjoy these events. After enriching days, rediscover the refined comfort of our establishments, offering a luxurious escape in the heart of Paris. Each hotel is designed to provide you with a unique and relaxing experience.



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Photo credit : Art Paris 2023 © Marc Domage 

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