UNISOAP; soap saving lives

UNISOAP; soap saving lives

UNISOAP is a French association that was the first to have the idea of recycling the soap used in hotels and using it for humanitarian purposes. The goal is to prevent disease and promote sanitary practices, improve the health and well-being of people and save the lives of children in disadvantaged countries. The Platine Hotel of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle has chosen to join the project and make its own contribution to this worthy cause.


Lack of hygiene is the scourge of developing countries

Children are born to live. Yet this is far from the case in a number of developing countries, where many children die each year before the age of five. The spread of various diseases is caused by a lack of public hygiene and the most effective way to cope with this scourge is by washing hands with soap. This simple act has been shown to halve instances of disease.


UNISOAP; a soap for life

The Platine Hotel is delighted to be associated with UNISOAP. The purpose of the project is to participate in the improvement of hygiene in disadvantaged countries through a social and ecological approach. Soaps partially used and left behind in our hotel’s bathrooms by guests are recovered by UNISOAP and recycled to make new soaps for people who need them. The Platine is happy to participate in this humanitarian action while contributing to the reduction of waste generated by used soaps. Leftover soaps are recycled by ESAT (a work programme for people with disabilities) so that after you have finished with them, they can continue to be used elsewhere. If you took advantage of their soft and fragrant foam, their initial purpose has been fulfilled, but this is just a prelude. The best is yet to come ... saving lives.