Your Christmas shopping in Paris

Your Christmas shopping in Paris

Christmas shopping has become, over the years, a true festive season tradition. Come and enjoy a sprinkling of Parisian magic that will make your gift buying spree truly pleasurable. With the six fine establishments of the Compagnie Hotelière de Bagatelle located in the most popular areas of the capital, you will be ideally placed to discover the various Parisian department stores and shopping malls!


Classic department stores for your Christmas shopping

Doing the Christmas shopping in a department store is a must for any Parisian! In addition to offering a wide choice and the most prestigious brands, these major retailers compete to display the most creative and imaginative festive decorations. The characteristic architecture, with domes, balconies and monumental staircases, of the likes of Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Haussmann and BHV Marais lends itself perfectly to Christmas lights and cascades of illuminated garlands, as well as huge and exquisitely ornamented fir trees. A real delight for the eyes!


The magic of animated shop display windows

Among the traditions maintained with diligent care by the department stores is one that fascinates children and their parents alike; animated display windows. These magical scenes populated with automata sometimes play the (Christmas) card of nostalgia and childhood, sometimes that of humour and enchantment. Whatever the theme chosen they remain a major highlight of the festive season in Paris that will fill you with the Christmas spirit at a glance. Admire them for free whenever you want. An ideal family outing that gives the young ones something to smile about while mum and dad get some shopping done!

With our four hotels situated close to the department stores, it will be easy for you to do your Christmas shopping quickly and easily before returning to the warmth and comfort of your room...



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