The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle shares with creative minds the same curiosity, the same enthusiasm and the same sense of imagination that gives such vitality to today's hospitality industry while shaping its tomorrow.

We meet and recruit outstanding professionals who have a wealth of fine taste and original ideas, and entrust the decoration of our hotels to the big names in design and fashion.

"When I approach a project, I think about its inscription in time.
My goal is to create harmony and simplicity for individuals, things and places."
Sarah Lavoine

"We like to play with materials, but always in an experimental way, with a twist."
Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier

"The theme has immediately come to my mind: 7 floors, 7 deadly sins! (...) I would naturally be expected to excel on Lust and Gluttony, but the real challenge resided in Avarice and Pride, for example, which are vices that I am less familiar with. I wish you happy sins for sweet nights! "
Chantal Thomass

"I hate to be bored and I need to work on unique projects that are different each time; on hotels intimately linked to the character of their location."
Vincent Bastie


Dear guests,

Following the measures relating to Covid-19 announced by the government, all Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle hotels will be temporarily closed from 18th March 2020, until 15th April 2020 at least.

If you have planned a stay in one of our hotels during this period, please contact the hotel by phone or email.

Platine Hôtel : +33 1 45 71 15 15,
Vice Versa Hôtel : +33 1 55 76 55 55,
Les Plumes Hôtel : +33 1 55 07 88 00,
Hôtel Les Théâtres : +33 1 44 82 50 82,
The Chess Hôtel : +33 1 48 24 10 10,
Le Roch Hôtel & Spa : +33 1 70 83 00 00,

We apologize for the inconvenience and make every effort to welcome you again in the best conditions during your next stay in Paris.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,

The Compagnie Hôtelière de Bagatelle team

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